"Inside each brushstroke are thousands of images. There are all different ways art evolved through it’s histories in different cultures. I loved my background in a wide range of all subjects and  "Master" art classes, for several years ,with etched plates — Rembrandt techniques many years in many art classes that came about by my 3rd year in life discovering drawing circles formed eyes seeing me. Geology classes with the earth’s time tables most humans unaware that the multicolored rocks on beaches are 4 billion years old. This life we all live most have missed the opportunities to understand each unique evolution in time, species, as well as creatives humans trying to show the beauty and awe on a cave wall billions of years ago and those levels of many artist searching their souls to do the same now. My life searched in “hunger” to just understand why we all are who we are as much, so as I wonder what this planet will tell those who exist a billion years from now what we all were doing killing this planet. If art is not about everything — then— it is meaningless!"    - Colleen Ross

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Colleen Ross Fine Art Studio offers original artworks, fine art prints and fun collectibles by artist Colleen Ross. Colleen Ross is a world-renown figurative artist with sell-out shows coast to coast. With a 40 year professional career, Colleen's artwork has been collected by top industry leaders and is held in museum and library collections. Colleen is best known for her celebrity portraits of such beauty icons as Farah Fawcett and Brooke Shields. Colleen Ross believes in making her work not only accessible, but also affordable. Through Colleen Ross Fine Art, we can offer collectors artworks at wholesale prices, without the gallery or broker mark-up.

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Colleen Ross does not limit her creative expression to just one subject or style, she enjoys expressing all aspects of her creative being. Through Colleen Ross Fine Art, she is able to offer her many collectors, new, one of kind, original artworks, direct from her art studio in Sausalito, California.

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